Bring Telehealth to Life through Webex !

Take Telehealth further than you ever dreamed by downloading swyMed for Webex.
We've merged the industry leading capabilities of Webex by Cisco collaboration with swyMed Telehealth to deliver best-in-class care to patients no matter where they are.
To get started, click the button below to download the swyMed Integrated Client for Webex.
Once you have downloaded and installed the client software, log in using your Webex username and password and you are on your way!
Currently this integration is only supported on Microsoft Windows. Android and iOS are on the roadmap

This account will be available for demo use for 30 days.

If you like what you see and would like to discuss licensing swyMed for Webex, email

If you have questions, about how to use swyMed, online help is available within the app